Street Preaching in Fort Worth


When we began to evangelize in Fort Worth, we were harassed by the police constantly. We were told we at one time we could not even preach the gospel! Here is a video that shows the tyrannical behavior of the police. (VIDEO POLICE HARRASEMENT.)

Now, the police are very kind and supportive. This has truly been an answer to prayer!

Last Saturday night, we gathered together in Sundance Square to preach in the open-air. We had a good handful of brothers and sisters who on fire to reach the lost. Many people heard the gospel preached. Hundreds of tracts were given out, and many lively discussions took place.

One elderly gentleman was so encouraged by the preaching that he went up to the preacher and shook his hand.  He walked away with big tears in his eyes.  Another gentleman was very curious what church we were affiliated with because he said most churches don't preach the gospel anymore. A husband and wife couple who were listening very intently, were encouraged to go back to their church and share what they witnessed.  Of course there were those who hissed, laughed and rolled their eyes.  It is amazing how the gospel has the ability to draw out the worst or best in people. No doubt the Word of God is doing a mighty work in downtown Fortworth.  We are praying for a revival in the land.  Please continue to pray with us.  Pray the bars close down, Pray the nightclubs close down.  Pray fathers return home to their families.  Pray mothers return home to raise the families.  Pray teens will come to Christ and be born again. Pray God will grant this city the gift of repentance and mercy.  Pray God would protect the preachers as they boldly proclaim the truth in the weeks and months to come in downtown Fort Worth.

In the next couple of weeks we will begin our door to door ministry again. We will reach out to those around our church. There is no greater pleasure that to declare and share Christ to the lost world around us.

Please keep us lifted in prayer as we continue to preach Christ!